One of the ways to expand your plumbing business is to create quick estimates to get more jobs and close more sales. However, creating a detailed quote manually is time-consuming and prone to human errors.

It is where plumbers can leverage automation tools likeĀ plumbing estimation software. This software provides an efficient way to create customized estimates to impress potential customers.

What is plumbing estimating software?

Plumbing estimation software is a specialized program designed to simplify and automate the process of creating estimates for plumbing projects. The intuitive software platform allows users to create detailed and accurate quotes.

Users can simply select required items and quantities rather than manually look up each price. It allows contractors to create, organize, and send professional estimates. The automation and standardization this tool provide help plumbers win more bids and scale their business.

Watch this video, to learn how Estimating software Streamlining Material Selection and Creating Virtual Items in TurboBid.

TurboBid: How to Use the Item Editor's Descriptions Tab

TurboBid: How to Use the Item Editor's Descriptions Tab

The benefits of plumbing estimating software

Integrating estimating automation delivers quantifiable benefits if you are a plumber and want to scale your business. Here are four of the key advantages of using plumbing estimating software.

  1. Simplified Workflow:

No customer wants to delay their plumbing issues, especially when they are emergency jobs. There is no time to negotiate prices or worry about the job being done incorrectly.

Being a professional, you know that your customers need immediate estimates, and the best way to do this is by software that helps you create estimates quickly.

It eliminates the time wasted manually calculating each new quote from scratch. Workflow automation also enables seamlessly scheduling jobs upon estimate approval for faster completion. Plumbers can focus on higher-level business tasks with an organized, streamlined process.

  1. Improved Customer Service:

Instant, accurate quotes via plumbing software led to a superior customer experience. Customers can promptly make informed decisions without lengthy back-and-forth. Detailed estimates even improve convenience by setting clear expectations upfront. Winning more jobs through prompt estimating keeps customers happy.

  1. Increased Professionalism: